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The ECCSEL ERIC will officially open on June 12th, 2017. Close interaction with industrial stakeholders is pivotal for ECCSEL to deliver high-quality research to combat our common challenge of climate change. As an industry representative you/your organization is hereby invited to the kick-off event in Trondheim June 12th, 2017.

The objective of the workshop is to identify preliminary industrial and scientific needs related to CCS and CCU, and to identify potential members of the ECCSEL Industry Community. The community will become a significant collaborative partner for ECCSEL. 



ECCSEL is a not-for-profit European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). Its implementation and early operation was  funded by the European Commission, initially under the 7th Framework Programme and nowadays under Horizon 2020.

ECCSEL ERIC will have 5 founding members, representing a world-class research infrastructure based within leading European Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) institutions and knowledge centres.

The ECCSEL vision is “Enabling low to zero CO2 emissions from industry and power generation .... to help combating global climate change” by operating and providing access to state-of-the art research facilities for further development of CCS technologies.

Therefore, ECCSEL develops technological marketable solutions from laboratory research scale to industrial facilities and promotes international collaboration with universities, research institutes and industry. ECCSEL has an open access policy with fair and transparent procedures.




Preliminary agenda 

15.15 Informal mingling 

15.45 Welcome
15.50 Presentation of ECCSEL 
16.00 A key priority: Identifying industrial development needs for the full chain of CCS deployment
16.10 Breakout sessions 

• 1 - What to expect from ECCSEL?

• 2 - Future research on capture technologies

• 3 - Future research on storage technologies

• 4 - Future research on system integration and transport

17.10 In plenary, summary of breakout sessions
17.20 Closing remarks
17.30     End of workshop


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Registration deadline 31th May 2017


We hope to see you there!