NOWITECH Annual Report 2015 and re-launched website

NOWITECH continues to deliver new knowledge and innovations that will reduce the cost of energy from future offshore wind farms and increase value creation in terms of new jobs, products and services.

NOWITECH has 40 innovations in preparation.

In this blog I will sum up some of the achievements. You can find more details on our re-launched website and the NOWITECH Annual Report 2015.

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EERA DeepWind From Poster Session 21 January

The EERA DeepWind '2016 Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference  was a success with a mix of plenary presentations with broad appeal and presentations in parallel sessions and posters on specific science and technology themes.

The conference is established as an important venue on deep sea offshore wind R&D organized in association with the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) joint programme on wind energy. The aim is to present the latest and best on-going R&D on deep sea offshore wind farms.

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• Centre Director John Olav GiƦver Tande, SINTEF Energy Research

• Centre Manager Hans Christian Bolstad, SINTEF Energy Research

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