NOWITECH Final Seminar 22 - 23 August 2017. 

Offshore windmill

NOWITECH Final seminar took place at Radisson Blu Royal Garden hotel in Trondheim 22 - 23 August.

Highlights from NOWITECH were presented.

Presentations were also held by the Research Council of Norway, Tone Ibenholt, The history of Hywind was presented by Arne Eik, Statoil, and Dong Energy presented how they work with R&D for accelerating offshore wind development.

Highlights from NOWITECH included among others presentation of integrated models of offshore wind turbines by Tor Anders Nygaard, IFE, and Offshore wind farm O&M and logistics optimization by Elin Espeland Halvorsen-Weare, SINTEF Ocean.

See the full agenda and presentations here.


NOWITECH Innovation Award

The 2017 award is given for the work on Method for Loss Minimization in Long High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) Export Cables for Offshore Wind Farms.

The innovation does not require development of new equipment or large investments, but is a new way of operating the cable that will reduce losses. It can be implemented at existing at existing long AC transmission systems, or to new systems.

The potential net present social economic value of implementing the innovation is EUR 50 – 500 million.

This movie and cartoon explains the innovation, for full details see blog.

The innovation is fully developed by SINTEF Energy Research through work carried out as part of NOWITECH. NOWITECH is co-financed by the Research Council of Norway, industry and research partners.

SINTEF has in agreement with the NOWITECH partners published the method, so it can be developed further.  

The NOWITECH Innovation award winners 2017 are from left: Chief Scientist Bjørn Gustavsen and Researcher Olve Mo, SINTEF Energi. To the right Per Arne Wilson, NTNU, from the NOWITECH Innovation Award Committee.

NOWITECH congratulates!



Value of innovations

Offshore wind farms is one of the big engineering challenges of the century. NOWITECH is proud to contribute to this challenge with research and innovation for value creation and reducing risks and costs.

The potential value of innovations from NOWITECH has been assessed by Impello Management. You can see a short video on this here and read the full report