Dear NCCS partner,

As 2017 is coming to end, we want to thank you all for an exciting and fruitful year in NCCS. A bit over one year has passed since the official kick-off in November 2016, and we are quite proud of our achievements in such a short time.

Most of 2017 has been devoted to establishing the dialogue between industry and researchers and across disciplineswithin the Centre, developing the Annual Working Plans, and delivering the latest and greatest R&D results in CCS. Industry is active in all of the research tasks and we are paving the way for having an industry-driven Centre while maintaining a long- term R&D objective.

So far, more than 60 deliverables have been approved in 2017, including seven journal articles already submitted!

The Trondheim CCS Conference, TCCS-9, was held on June 12-14, 2017, drew 355 delegates from 24 countries, and had 125 oral presentations including 10 keynotes in five parallel sessions, and more than 100 posters. We look forward to using all of the constructive feedback we have received to make TCCS-10 in 2019 even better.

With 70 attendees, NCCS staged its first Consortium Days at Clarion Congress & Hotel, in Trondheim on November 28-29. During two half days, partners gave 14 oral presentations, and 14 posters were on display.

NCCS will have an extensive educational program, with the students tied closely to the Centre. So far, four PhD students have already begun their studies in NCCS:

  • Vanja Buvik, NTNU (Supervisor Hanna Knutilla)
    Amine structure relationship to degradation and corrosion
  • Vegard Bjerketvedt, NTNU (Supervisor Asgeir Tomasgard)
    Optimal design and operation of CCS value chains with focus on the transport system
  • Stefan Herrig, RUB (Supervisor Roland Span)
    CCS mixture reference EOS development (EOS-CG)
  • Johnathon Osmond, UiO (Supervisor Alvar Braathen)
    Improving seal and overburden characterization methods

Two Post-doctoral fellows also started in 2017:
  • Tafara Makuni, NTNU (Supervisor James Dawson)
    Experimental investigations into forced and self-excited azimuthal combustion dynamics modes
  • Mark Mulrooney, UiO (Supervisor Alvar Braathen)
    Structural analysis and geomodel for fault modelling
The Board of the Norwegian Research Council's CLIMIT program decided at its meeting on December 13th to fund two new projects for NCCS with a total CLIMIT funding of NOK 18.9 million. In this round, the program received 50 applications and funding was given to 14 projects.

The following projects are planned to be amended to NCCS:
  • Preventing loss of near-well permeability in CO2 injection wells (POREPAC). POREPAC will obtain data and models on near-well processes affecting injectivity that can be used by the industry to better predict and mitigate injectivity issues.
  • Impact of CO2 impurities and additives in CCS (ImpreCCS). The primary objective is to reduce costs and risks of CO2 storage by predicting the impact of important impurities and additives on CO2 viscosity, density, and thermal conductivity.
Congratulations ImpreCCS and POREPAC!

Australia has been selected by the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) to host the 14th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT-14). GHGT-14 will be held in Melbourne, on October 21 - 26, 2018. Keep in mind that abstracts are due January 5, 2018.

We are proud to host the next IEAGHG CCS Summer School in Trondheim next summer. You can find out more about this in the blog below.

NCCS towards 2018
Looking ahead to 2018, the fun in NCCS will not stop. The Annual Working Plans 2018 were approved by the Board and it is just to get started when we return from the holiday break.

In this holiday season, we would take this opportunity to thank each and all of you for your contributions to the NCCS Research Centre over the last year. In particular, we would like to mention our gratitude to:
  • The Research Council of Norway – for the funding and for being a demanding and constructive FME "parent".
  • The industry partners – for the funding and for the close cooperation, showing that we have a very promising start. We appreciate all of the demands you have placed on us.
  • The research partners – for dedication, devotion, and hard work, and for having delivered quality work and have helped to make NCCS a true "Centre".
  • The PhD and Postdoc candidates and their supervisors/advisors – a special welcome as you start on your pathway and for making the commitment to being part of NCCS.
  • Task leaders for being the "engine" in the Centre establishment
A special thank you goes to our Deployment Case Leader Partow P. Henriksen, who will be leaving NCCS in 2017 to move onto a Research Director position at SINTEF Buildings and Infrastructure. We are so grateful to her for her time and dedication to the establishment and development of the Centre. We wish you all the best in your next adventure and will surely miss you in the Operation Centre.

To you all: Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

On behalf of the NCCS team, Mona J. Mølnvik

Join our IEAGHG CCS Summer School 2018 in Trondheim

Join our IEAGHG CCS Summer School 2018 in Trondheim
SINTEF is selected to host the next IEAGHG CCS Summer School 2018. The event will be held during the last week of June 2018 (25-29), and will be organized by the NCCS Research Centre, in Trondheim, Norway. Gløshaugen Campus at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The Summer School is one of the flagship projects of IEAGHG, and … Read more

NCCS Consortium Days 2017: Lessons learned and more...

NCCS Consortium Days 2017: Lessons learned from the Norwegian Full-Scale Project, CCS legal requirements, hydrogen and more...
With 70 attendees, The Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS) staged its first "Consortium Days" at Clarion Congress & Hotel, in Trondheim on November 28-29. … Read more

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