Highlights #1 - July 2017


 Dear HighEFF friends,

This is the first Newsletter from FME HighEFF and we already have some very good news to share with you!

Last week we were informed that our application for HighEFF Lab has been granted funding from the Research Council of Norway. This will be a unique infrastructure giving even more innovation and value creation from the R&D activities to be performed in FME HighEFF. Please read below for more information about our plans for the infrastructure.

I wish you all a nice summer! 

Kind regards
Petter E. Røkke
FME HighEFF Center manager


Anne Karin Hemmingsen and Line Rydså

The first official FME HighEFF Annual Meeting was arranged in Trondheim 19-20 June approximately a year after the allocation of research funding from The Research council of Norway. FME HighEFF FME HighEFF was given the largest grant ever thanks to all efforts from the consortium. November 28th in 2016 was the first of many milestones for the Centre, the Kick-off …

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HighEffLab: Trondheim gets new Norwegian laboratory for industrial energy efficiency


Late June it was announced that SINTEF’s “National Laboratories for an Energy Efficient Industry” (known as HighEFFLab) have been granted funding for upgrades and investment in new research infrastructure. The HighEFFLab facilities, located at Gløshaugen in Trondheim, represent a Norwegian laboratory to be shared jointly by SINTEF and NTNU, and accessible for all the partners in FME HighEFF. HighEFFLab will be of great importance to comply with the ambitious goals of FME HighEFF.

HighEFFLab aims to be the leading platform for experimental research within industrial energy efficiency, through the operation of unique and excellent laboratory facilities, in close collaboration with the industry partners as well as leading international research communities, and through the training of highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows…

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Sector Workshops with great participation

Three HighEFF Case Study Workshops was arranged in March and June:

• Food & Chemical Sector

• Metals/Materials & Industrial Clusters

• Oil & Gas, Energy

Industry and researchers meet to discuss and define case studies and planned research tasks based on the technology development strategy of the industry as well as the investigation of novel concepts from the researchers.

The workshops were great arenas for networking and friendship building among the HighEFF partners, and the average number of participants was more than 50.

The Workshops were devided in two sections;

• Oral presentations from industry and researchers

• Discussions with rotating groups 

Illustration used during the discussions with rotating groups.

The input resulted in an additional case study involving utilisation of CO from the off-gas of Manganese (Mn) smelters and the possibility for reusing energy in the Mn production process or in neighbouring industries (clusters).


• Read about the first Workshop in the blog below.

• Read what Mo Industripark writes on this topic (in norwegian): Kartlegger mulighet for utnyttelse av CO-gass

Workshop on more energy efficient Metals, Materials & Industry Clusters Sector

HighEFF has kicked-off activities with introductory sector based workshops between industry participants and researchers. The second work-shop was held in Trondheim on April 24th, focusing on the Metals/Materials Indstry and Industrial Clusters. A previous workshop was …

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Opening of the world's largest centre for research into industrial energy efficiency

As part of the new global climate change agreement, all the countries of the world have made a commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. They must now prepare their own domestic plans for emissions reductions. The goal is to prevent the global temperature from rising by more than 2 degrees by the year 2100.

The climate change agreement should not be regarded as a threat to businesses, industry and researchers, but as a major opportunity to develop new technologies aimed at saving the planet.

The HighEFF centre will create a robust team from the world's 50 most prominent industrial and academic partner organisations in their respective fields.

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HighEFF kick-off: 28 November 2016 was the opening of the world’s largest centre for research into industrial energy efficiency. The centre, called ‘HighEFF’, is being funded by the Research Council of Norway and its industry users. Find out more about HighEFF in this blog and the HighEFF website.


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