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You have now received the first newsletter from the Horizon2020 project CEMCAP. The CEMCAP project addresses CO2 capture from cement production as a measure to reduce anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and thus mitigate global warming. The contents of this newsletter include links to CEMCAP blogs, links to the ECRA CCS Project webpage and the conference organised by the Norcem CCS project, an overview of deliverables submitted so far and information about the EFCE Student Mobility Award that was presented to a PhD student now doing research in CEMCAP.

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ECRA CCS and Norcem CCS web pages

The ECRA CCS and Norcem CCS projects are important ongoing projects on CCS from cement production. CEMCAP is in close cooperation with these projects. More information about the ECRA project can be found at the ECRA website.

On May 20-21st, Norcem arranged an international CCS conference. More information and presentations from the conference can be found at Norcems website.


Bloggers: Mari Voldsund and Kristin Jordal

The 8th Trondheim conference on CO2 capture, transport and storage was held on June 16-18. The conference was organised in collaboration between NTNU and SINTEF, under the umbrella of the BIGCCS research centre.

Representatives from the Horizon2020 project CEMCAP (coordinated by SINTEF Energy research) was present during the conference with the purpose to present the project and be updated on other progress in the field of CO2 capture from cement.

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The CEMCAP-group visiting the Lixhe cement plant.

Bloggers: Kristin Jordal and Kristina Fleiger (VDZ)

The Horizon 2020 CEMCAP  project brings together CCS interests and research expertise from the cement industry with research expertise on CCS for power plants. The CEMCAP project has been designed to strengthen and complements the Norcem and ECRA CCS projects , and will conduct analytical and experimental research on CO2 capture for cement plants.

The primary objective of CEMCAP is to prepare the ground for large-scale implementation of CO2 capture in the European cement industry. For this to be possible and for CEMCAP to be as successful as possible a key element is knowledge transfer between cement industry and CO2 capture expertise acquired over more than a decade of FP6 and FP7 research projects. Therefore, a first CEMCAP/ECRA workshop was held already during the fifth month of the project, on September 16-17 2015. Attendants were members of the ECRA CCS steering committee and CEMCAP project members.

Day 1: Post combustion capture technologies + transport and storage challenges

The first day, arranged at VDZ in Düsseldorf, Germany, and gathering 40 attendants was dedicated to CCS. The workshop started with a short overview of global warming, and of how Horizon 2020 calls for research projects for a low-carbon economy is one of several EU measures to address the necessary reduction of European CO2 emissions.


Thereafter, the CEMCAP project members gave insights into CEMCAP post combustion capture technologies (Chilled ammonia, membrane-assisted CO2-liquefaction and calcium looping). Also, a presentation was given on amines as the reference post-combustion capture technology. Furthermore, a most welcome and very interesting overview was provided of the oxy-combustion research carried out by Lafarge-Holcim.

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Four deliverables submitted

Four deliverables have already been concluded in CEMCAP:

D1.1: Detailed project management plan (M1-M12)
D2.1: Plan for dissemination, exploitation and communication of results
D3.1: CEMCAP preliminary framework for comparative techno- economic analysis of CO2 capture from cement plants
D8.1: Status-report on calciner technology

The abstract of each of these deliverables can be found on the CEMCAP webpage.


Award to José Francisco Pérez Calvo, PhD student in the CEMCAP project

In CEMCAP we are very proud to have José Francisco Pérez Calvo working as a PhD student.

More about the EFCE Student Mobility Award that was presented to him.


CEMCAP blogging

In the CEMCAP project, communication and results dissemination is important. Thus, three blog posts have been written about the activities going on in the project.

This blog post is the very first blog that was written, after we received the good news  that CEMCAP was going to get funded but before the project started. It provides an overview about CEMCAP contents and partners.

"SINTEF Energy Research to coordinate Horizon 2020 project on CO2 capture for a low-emission cement industry"