# 6 September 2019

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HighEFF at workshop: The Future of Conducting and Publishing Research in Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Strategy

Editors from leading journals within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship were present in the workshop to engage in conversations with early-career researchers. Read more
The conference room was previously used at the Pope's bathroom

Prestisjetung pris til HighEFF industripartner: Reduserte klimagassutslipp og energibehov med 40%

Da TINE skulle redusere både klimagassutslipp og energibehov på sitt nye meieri involverte de FME HighEFF, som forsker på energieffektivisering i industrien. Sammen med TINE har HighEFF vært med å identifisere varmepumpeteknologi som reduserer klimagasutslipp og energibehov med 40%, eller tilsvarende 250 husstander i året! … Read more
Prestisjetung pris til HighEFF industripartner: Reduserte klimagassutslipp og energibehov med 40%

New funding for HighEFF "Novel Emerging Concept"

The NEC evaluation team considered some of the applications to comply with the criteria for NEC support, and they were invited to submit a revised application for a second round of review. One of these proposals was CETES: "Cost-efficient thermal energy storage for increased utilization of renewable energy in industrial steam production". The HighEFF NEC Committee agreed on nominating this initiative for funding, and this was approved by the HighEFF CMT meeting in August.

The project is coordinated by Hanne Kauko and aims to develop methods for identifying the most cost-efficient Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system for load shifting and exploitation of fluctuating renewable energy sources in steam production. The goal is to develop a methodology that can be used by the industry to select the appropriate technology and identifying the potential cost-savings for a given application.

The CETES methodology will combine power-to-heat technologies, meaning electric boilers and heat pumps, with TES and by that broaden the scope towards energy storage on a wider perspective: combining thermal and electric energy systems and allowing the industry to actively participate in future fossil-free energy markets. The project will arrange a startup meeting during the HighEFF Cross-Sector meeting in October and will have a one year project period.

HighEFF Cross-sector workshop 23-24 October 2019

HighEFF invites all consortium members to the HighEFF Cross-Sector workshop
on 23-24 October 2019 in Trondheim.

We will meet in Trondheim to present highlights from the Centre and to discuss the research planned for next year.

See the event-page for program.

We look forward to meeting you all again!

Scientific committee established

The HighEFF Scientific Committee is now set up with three national and three international experts. The mandate of the Scientific Committee is to provide advice on the relevance and quality of the scientific activities for the Centre as a whole, as well as the individual Research Areas. In addition, they will highlight scientific trends, challenges and opportunities, and comment on how HighEFF performs relative to state-of-the-art (HighEFF research world class or not). Based on this, they will provide strategic advises on scientific focus and priorities based on information received on the scientific performance in the various Research Areas and Work Packages.

The Committee had its Kick-off meeting 6 June 2019. Robert C. (“Bob”) Armstrong, Director at MIT Energy Initiative, volunteered to act as Chair of the Scientific Committee. The other members are Ignacio E. Grossmann (Former Director CAPD at CMU), Megan Jobson (Professor at Univ. of Manchester), Tor Grande (Vice Dean Research at NTNU/NS), Jack A. Ødegård (Vice President Research at SINTEF Industry) and Kristin Jordal (Research Manager at SINTEF Energi AS).

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