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I hope you have already registered for the workshop 23rd and 24th October and I look forward to seeing you there!

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Petter E. Røkke
FME HighEFF Center Director

HighEFF Days 2019

HighEFF invites all consortium members to the HighEFF Cross-Sector workshop on 23-24 October 2019.

HighEFF will meet in Trondheim in a couple of weeks. The event presents a great opportunity for all HighEFF friends to meet and catch up. We will present highlights from the Centre and discuss the research planned for next year.

Location: Scandic Lerkendal, Klæbuveien 127, Trondheim

Please register on this site.

Feel free to share the information within your organisation, especially if someone who should receive this info for some reason is not included the address list.

(There might still be some changes to the agenda before we meet)

Invitation to workshop


The reference group Energy Recovery invites you to the workshop "Practical vs. Academic approach to improving heat-to-power conversion"

This workshop will be arranged the day before HighEFF's Cross Sector Workshop; October 22nd, 09:00-1600 in Trondheim.

The overall goal of the workshop is to build knowledge together on how to improve industrial energy recovery systems in both theory and practice.

All HighEFF partners are very welcome to participate. The aim is to build knowledge of broad industrial applicability. However, the practical examples will largely be from the ferroalloy processes, as these currently operate Norway's only full scale systems for surplus-heat-to-power conversion.

Elkem and Finnfjord will present from their practical experience and hard realities of operating industrial ferroalloy furnace off-gas energy recovery systems. HighEFF researchers will contribute from their somewhat more naïve and unconstrainted viewpoints; improvement potentials, alternative technologies, novel ideas and concepts. Ample time for discussions is planned.

Registration of participation within October 18th is required to ensure suitable venue and lunch arrangements. Email Vidar Skjervold: and receive a Outlook meeting invitation and stay updated for further details and full agenda.


Byggearbeidene i HighEFF-lab går fremover. En del av lokelene er bygget om og nye rigger er under installering.

Vi har laget en bildeside på HighEFF-lab websiden hvor du kan følge arbeidene frem mot åpning.

Prestisjefylt stipend HighEFF student

Vår PhD student, Suzane Martins Cavalcanti, har fått et prestisjefylt stipend fra ExxonMobil gjennom selskapets deltakelse i MIT Energy Initiative (MITei). Stipendet dekker 2 semestre ved MIT, altså et betydelig beløp. Les mer ...

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