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Save the date! Hscience Conference - Advancing Hydrogen for Net-Zero

On 18-19 June 2024, the very first Hscience conference will be held in Trondheim! This biennial conference is hosted by HYDROGENi, under the auspices of SINTEF.

Hscience is a scientific and technological conference, dedicated to the latest advancements in hydrogen research. The conference will cover the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to application, and emphasise the vital role of ongoing research and development in shaping the hydrogen economy.

Our mission is to provide a hub that facilitates discussion on hydrogen technologies and their societal impacts, and fosters collaboration between researchers and industry professionals in the field.

Registration will open very soon! Visit the official website for more information on the programme, and sign up to the H₂science newsletter at the bottom of the page to get updates and announcements directly in your inbox.

Visit the H₂science website

HYDROGENi teams up with fellow research centres NCCS and HyValue for first FME conference

On 13 March, HYDROGENi held a joint session with fellow Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FMEs) NCCS and HyValue at the first FME Conference.

The session, entitled “The roles of hydrogen and CCS in the short and long term”, explored how HYDROGENi, HyValue and NCCS are working to address some of the challenges for implementing hydrogen and CCS at scale.

Read the full story on the HYDROGENi website

Hydrogen as a stone in the path to a sustainable energy future

On 30 January 2024, the final GreenShift event was held in Brussels. The event was the last in a series of four, bringing together representatives from government, industry, and academia, to foster dialogue and research about the green energy transition in the North Sea region.

While hydrogen hadn’t been the focus of a dedicated event, it was very much intertwined with the topics that were the focus of the the previous three meetings: offshore wind (in Amsterdam), carbon capture and storage – CCS (in Dusseldorf), and green maritime shipping (in Copenhagen).

“CCS, hydrogen and offshore wind are important elements of the green alliance,” said Norwegian Minister of Energy Terje Aasland.

Read the full story on the HYDROGENi website

HYDROGENi hires new PhD student

A warm welcome to Willow Dew as HYDROGENi's newest PhD student!

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