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Deal reached in Fosen wind case

The long-standing dispute surrounding Fosen wind has reached a resolution.
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Norwegian Parliament rejects proposal for more ambitious offshore wind policy

A motion for a more ambitious offshore wind policy in Norway was rejected by the Norwegian Parliament at the end of February.
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Five consortia prequalified for Sørlige Nordsjø II

The Norwegian government has announced the prequalification of five consortia for the development of the Sørlige Nordsjø II offshore wind area. The auction will begin on 18 March at 09:00.
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Visualising life cycle impacts of onshore wind energy siting on bird diversity

Northwind partner NINA has just launched the innovative online application AviSite that allows users to assess potential impacts onshore wind energy development has on birdlife in Norway in an interactive manner.
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Reminder: Upcoming event

The FMEs as enablers in mitigating climate and energy challenges

The 2024 FME Conference is a collaborative effort made by all Norwegian Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research (FME). This conference will be the first of its kind, and co-organised to facilitate high-impact dialogue among FME representatives.
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