Defence of thesis and other upcoming events

Defence of thesis 10 January: Suzane Cavalcanti

Suzanne Cavalcanti has submitted the following academic thesis as part of her doctoral work at the Massachusets Institute of Technology (MIT).

«Nonsmooth Distillation Models Robust to Convergence Errors: Numerical Methods and Topological Aspects»
Time: Wednesday 10 January, 13:00 (US Eastern Time) - 19:00 (Central European Time)

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Description: There are a number of sudden changes in processing systems, such as phase changes, flow changes between laminar and turbulent flow, etc. When modeling and optimizing these behaviors, there are serious problems related to the fact that gradients are discontinuous. Professor Paul Barton’s group at MIT has been developing nonsmooth process models and mathematical tools to overcome these problems, and the thesis applies this methodology to the modeling and simulation of distillation columns. The thesis develops the numerical machinery required to overcome several types of numerical challenges in distillation simulation, including the drying out of trays during intermediate iterations.

Truls Gundersen

Analysis and design of industrial energy recovery systems

Save the date! NTNU professor Truls Gundersen will hold an industrial course on 21 March, on the topic "Analysis and design of industrial energy recovery systems". Participation will be possible both in person and online. The topic is relevant for both industrial and research partners, so do spread the word within your own organisations – it's a great opportunity to build knowledge on an interesting topic!

Energy transition week

Mark your calendars! NTNU's energy transition week kicks off on 11 March and features an FME day on 13 March. FME HighEFF will be represented, along with FMEs ZEN, Bio4Fuels, NTRANS, NorthWind, and many others.

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