Christmas Greetings from HYDROGENi

Ho, ho, ho fellow Hydrogeniuses! It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and as such, it's time to look back on the year soon passed and our achievements.

It has been a real pleasure working with the consortium in setting the course for HYDROGENi to fulfil its ambitions in relation to the Norwegian government's strategy for hydrogen and hydrogen carriers. Some highlights from this year include:
  • Holding a very well attended technical meeting in May, which highlighted plans for work commencing in 2023 and was a great networking arena,
  • Establishing a Norwegian hydrogen valley, which was approved by Mission Innovation in May 2023,
  • Making a solid footprint at this year's European Hydrogen Week, as reported in this newsletter, which included contributing to the high level conference and Innovation Norway's associated events,
  • Welcoming three new partners to the Centre: Petroleumstilsynet, Renergy and Kystverket, who fill in the totality of what we are addressing in the Centre,
  • Holding our first consortium meeting in November. The first results have already started pouring out, and it was so great to see the cooperative spirit, and how far we have come in many of the topics. However, this is perhaps not a big surprise, as we have an excellent background in these areas as a consortium,
  • Expanding our portfolio of PhD students. We now have 15 students and counting. We have met some of them during our consortium and technical meetings, and they have exciting times ahead of them, with very interesting topics to dive into. In HYDROGENi, we put a strong focus on embedding our students' activities into the tasks undertaken by the Centre,
  • Attending several international conferences, including Japan, Brazil and the USA.
While at COP28, I followed and participated in a number of sessions dedicated to hydrogen and hydrogen carriers. There were concerns about the greenhouse effect of leaked hydrogen, and discussions on cost, competitiveness and climate footprint. The overarching topics were safety and transporting hydrogen and ammonia.

A lot of people were also campaigning for the use of green methanol or liquid organic hydrogen carriers. I can agree to solutions that can be demonstrated to be good for the climate and environment, and recognise the need for a multitude of approaches. But I think, given these considerations, we have got it right in HYDROGENi: we are pursuing sustainable solutions.

While writing this, the news came in that the UNFCCC COP28 meeting had reached a consensus on a new agreement. It is notable to see that the direction is clearly pointing to a renewable and net-zero society, while opening up for steps needed to speed up the energy transition. Reading paragraphs 27 to 30 makes me nod another time to the work programme of HYDROGENi; we are aligned with these targets.

Thank you all for your efforts in 2023 in HYDROGENi, for doing excellent research and innovation, and for contributing to the Centre team spirit.

On behalf of the HYDROGENi leadership team, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nils Røkke
Centre Director

HYDROGENi attends European Hydrogen Week 2023

From 20-24 November 2023, FME HYDROGENi was a key part of SINTEF’s dedicated booth at European Hydrogen Week. The booth attracted a lot of interest from other attendees, with recurring topics of interest including ammonia, electrolysers for green hydrogen production, and hydrogen transport and storage.

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COP28: Hydrogen’s role in the energy transition

Hydrogen has a pivotal role in achieving a net-zero energy transition by the mid-century. In order to achieve a sustainable hydrogen economy, we need to accelerate the development of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen, foster international collaborations, and support R&D across the hydrogen value chain, writes HYDROGENi Director Nils Røkke.

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Deep Purple™ Pilot webinar series

On behalf of our joint industry partner TechnipFMC, HYDROGENi and HyValue are hosting a series of webinars on the Deep Purple™ Pilot project. Each webinar is hosted on team and will last for an hour. These webinars are open to members of HYDROGENi and HyValue only.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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