Happy New Year from the ACCSESS project!

One of the absolute highlights of 2023 was when Hafslund Oslo Celsio's CO2 capture pilot rig entered into operations for the first time with both Saipem's CO2 solutions technology and Prospin/Proceler's rotating packed bed absorber, capturing CO2 from the industrial flue gases at Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)'s refinery. This marked a new milestone in ACCSESS.

Testing has now concluded at Technology Centre Mongstad, and the ACCSESS test rig has been successfully moved to Stora Enso’s pulp and paper mill in Skutskär, Sweden. Preparations are now underway for the next round of CO2 capture tests.
The ACCSESS consortium visited Stora Enso for the project's fourth technical meeting. As part of this, participants were taken to see the site where the testing campaign will take place.

More updates from this part of the project are expected very soon!
So much excellent work was done in ACCSESS last year, with lots more still to come! Scroll down to read about more of our activities from the final part of 2023, so you're all caught up for our 2024 activities and results!

COP28: Why we need carbon dioxide removal

Climate-positive solutions
Drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions won’t be enough to achieve the goals in the Paris agreement and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. We will also need to remove excess greenhouse gases, in particular CO2, from the atmosphere and oceans. This is known as “carbon dioxide removal” (CDR).

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More matter with less art: on Hamlet and the lack of real climate action

Is it not a tragedy that humanity has so far been unable to curb its greenhouse gas emissions?

In a recent blog, ACCSESS Project Coordinator Kristin Jordal writes about our need to put an end to our paralysis of action, and demand more financial and regulatory support for climate technologies. But will we be able to do it? That is the question…

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Negative ambitions at Arendaluka: how we can remove CO₂ to reach net zero

At Arendalsuka, ACCSESS Project Coordinator Kristin Jordal (SINTEF) and Markus Sebastian Hole, head of public affairs at Hafslund Oslo Celsio (partner in ACCSESS), participated in an event on the topic, entitled Negative ambisjoner – slik må vi fjerne CO2 for å nå netto null (“Negative ambitions – this is how we need to remove CO2 to achieve net zero”).

Arendalsuka (lit. “Arendal’s week”) is a Norwegian political festival that takes place in August every year, in Arendal.

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ACCSESS at the seventh Post Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC-7)

Adriana Reyes-Lúa represented ACCSESS at the seventh Post Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC-7) in Pittsburgh, USA.

Adriana held two presentations:
  • "The ACCSESS Project: an International Project Developing Replicable CCUS Pathways in Europe" (authored by Adriana, Kristin Jordal, Rubén Mocholí Montañés, Fabio Schiesari, Rahul Anantharaman, Marco Mazzotti, Filip Johnsson and Marielisa Padilla), and
  • "Techno-economic Analysis of Pioneering CCTS Chains in Europe: Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Improvement" (authored by Adriana, Luca Riboldi, Viola Becattini, Pauline Oeuvray, Johannes Burger, Julian Nöhl, Chao Fu, Cristina Zotica, Rahul Anantharaman, Marco Mazzotti and Simon Roussanaly)
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