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Composite image showing a wind turbine on the left and a stock market graph on the right.

Sørlige Nordsjø II auction:
How long will 23 billion NOK last?

Norway’s first offshore wind auction was successfully completed under an agreement where the state guarantees a stable price for the developers. The total subsidy limit is at NOK 23 billion. How will this work and how long will it take to reach the limit? We did the math for you.
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Fresh report suggests ways to enable
offshore hybrid development

A joint report by Elia Group, a Belgian transmission system operator, and Ørsted, and Danish energy multinational involved in offshore wind development, proposes recommendations to facilitate offshore hybrid development.
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European wind energy community launches
new research programme

Partners of EERA JP Wind have just launched the NeWindEERA programme, which seeks to provide a comprehensive new research framework designed to advance the European wind energy sector towards 2050.
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Webinar: Reference Designation Structure
for wind energy digital twins

Drawing from the ISO 81346 standard for organising systems, and its application in power systems, ongoing efforts in standardising wind turbines and foundations was extended to define a Reference Designation Structure (RDS) for various wind turbine generators and foundations. The presentation will showcase how the standard has been used as a companion model for Zephyros online data streams.
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For consortium members only

Aluminium in offshore wind: Possibilities and challenges

This internal webinar on 18 April at 13:00 presents potentials and challenges linked to the use of aluminium in offshore wind.
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