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Greetings for the new year!

Dear HYDROGENi newsletter subscribers,

We have just entered 2023 in our brand new Centre, and I would like to share some thoughts on our major milestones in 2022 and opportunities for HYDROGENi (H2i) in 2023.

On 10 March last year, we were given green lights for governmental support and could then start the work with a consortium agreement and adapting the programme according to the 16% budget cut from the Research Council of Norway (RCN). The establishment of committees to deal with these items proved effective, and made it possible to deliver a revised proposal to the RCN before summer vacation kicked in. This also enabled us to have the technical kick-off in September and the "Grand opening" on 5 October in Oslo together with HyValue, the second FME centre awarded funding from this call. I was really impressed by the dedication of our partnership to deliver on all these tasks. Thank you very much!

Since summer, work plans were developed in detail for 2023. The RA leaders, together with the roster of research partners and user partners, have contributed enthusiastically, which makes it possible to enact them with only a little polishing required at the very start of 2023. This means we are now fully charged and starting the work in H2i.

This year we will see the first deliveries and results from H2i. And that is needed. It is astonishing how much is happening within hydrogen and ammonia right now. As I write this message, news ticks in on major hydrogen deliveries for power generation in Germany from Norway involving our valued partners. Furthermore, we see the ENOVA projects will take steps to prepare for investment decisions. Indeed, H2i was conceived at the right time and needs to hit the ground running.

What's coming up in 2023? Besides the important R&D activities underpinning the area, I have a vision that H2i must take initiatives as well as contribute at the strategic level related to innovation and mobilisation towards net-zero emissions by 2050. What extended role can we play in achieving the EU ecosystem, what are the mutual benefits of participating in global activities like Mission Innovation, and how can H2i contribute to the whole value chain of hydrogen in Norway? An exciting year lies ahead and I wish us all the best in providing world-class research and capacity building in HYDROGENi. Godt Nyttår!
Nils A. Røkke
HYDROGENi Director

HYDROGENi officially opened

On the 5 October 2022, HYDROGENi had its official kick-off event in Oslo together with sibling centre, HyValue.

“We want to be a part of the support mechanism to make hydrogen happen,” said HYDROGENi Centre Director Nils Røkke from SINTEF. “As we all know, hydrogen is much needed in the energy transition towards net zero, as well as the targets for 2030. So we really want to accelerate the development and put the new ideas into plans and into the field – that’s key.”

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Ahead of the kick-off event, a number of HYDROGENi’s partners gathered together in Trondheim for the first time to discuss their plans and goals for the Centre.

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Danish ambassador to Norway visits SINTEF to discuss hydrogen and CCS activities

On 27 January 2023, Danish Ambassador to Norway Louise Bang Jespersen visited SINTEF’s offices in Trondheim to discuss SINTEF’s activities in hydrogen and CCS. HYDROGENi was a main focus of this meeting.

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Hydrogen in our time

If we are to meet our climate goals for 2030 and 2050, hydrogen is an absolutely necessary part of the energy mix. Several players have worked hard to mature initiatives for the production and use of hydrogen in Europe and Norway, and finally the ball seems to be rolling. Agreements are being written for hydrogen supplies on a really large scale. Furthermore, Norwegian actors are developing hydrogen-based technology and solutions, positioning themselves as hydrogen suppliers, producers and actors in the green transition. This is not the time to cast doubt on hydrogen’s advantages and industrial opportunities when they are within our reach.

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HYDROGENi partner launches pilot project to enable green hydrogen production offshore

HYDROGENi-associated project Deep Purple officially opened its pilot plant at Kongsberg on 12 January 2023.

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Norway is to take “a leading role” in hydrogen – but wasn’t even mentioned in the patent list

HYDROGENi Director Nils Røkke was featured in the latest article from Teknisk Ukeblad on the current state of hydrogen research in Norway.

"The investment in research and development is not high enough, and in any case too low in relation to the ambitions to reach zero emissions. Energy research has been reduced by NOK 120 million in this year's budget."

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Five questions about hydrogen

Teknisk Ukeblad asks HYDROGENi Centre Coordinator Kyrre Sundseth five questions about hydrogen about its production, advantages and associated challenges.

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“We must capitalise on CO₂ storage – ASAP” write HYDROGENi and NCCS directors

Recently, Equinor and RWE announced their intentions to export hydrogen based on natural gas from Norway to Germany. In order for this hydrogen to be blue, the CO₂ produced in the process of converting natural gas to hydrogen will need to be captured. Securing sufficient storage for these CO₂ emissions will therefore be crucial.

“It must soon become profitable to both find and then operate CO₂ storage sites. Otherwise, the “CCS train” will leave the station too late to save the climate,” write Nils Røkke, director of HYDROGENi, and Mona Mølnvik, director of the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS).

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Hydrogen a focus of German-Norwegian collaboration on renewable energy

On 5 January, Norway and Germany released joint statements on their intent to strengthen their collaboration on several areas related to renewable energy and green industry. Hydrogen was a particular focus area of this collaboration.

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Blue hydrogen: the real bridge between fossil fuels and renewable energy

Traditionally, natural gas has thought to be a bridge between a fossil-fuelled society and a sustainable one. However, it is not suitable for this purpose due to significant associated emissions.

What can take its place? Blue hydrogen.

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Based on an opinion piece by HYDROGENi Centre Director Nils Røkke, “Nå må vi slutte å snakke om naturgassens fortrinn” (“We must stop talking about the advantages of natural gas”), published in Dagens Næringsliv.

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HYDROGENi referenced in first IEA “Northwest European Hydrogen Monitor” report

HYDROGENi was mentioned in the first Northwest European Hydrogen Monitor, which gives a yearly update on renewable and low-emission hydrogen market developments in this region.

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Rolls-Royce and easyJet test first hydrogen-powered: HYDROGENi response

On Monday 28 November, Rolls-Royce and easyJet announced that they have conducted the world’s first test of a modern aircraft engine powered by hydrogen. This work is part of both companies’ commitment to the UN “Race to Zero” campaign.

Centre Director Nils Røkke, who has previously worked for Rolls-Royce, welcomed this development from his previous employer, and provided his own thoughts.

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Climate crisis – this is how six scientists want to save the world

HYDROGENi Centre Director Nils Røkke was one of six scientists interviewed for an article on six technologies that could mitigate climate change.

Nils spoke about the 1.5-degree climate target, how hydrogen can contribute to the energy transition, and what still needs to be done to realise this goal.

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Hydrogen: a rising topic at Arendalsuka

On the first day of Arendalsuka, HYDROGENi Centre Director Nils Røkke (SINTEF) and Centre Manager Stefania Gardarsdottir (SINTEF) participated in a panel debate on the role of the North Sea in the future energy system.

Together with Johan Hustad (NTNU), Stefania and Nils went through the three pieces of advice that had been developed for the strategic development of the North Sea to ensure acceptable electricity prices, and sufficient value creation and reliability for consumers, while implementing an energy transition that meets our climate goals.

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HYDROGENi hires its first PhD student

Tage Maltby
Welcome to Tage Maltby as HYDROGENi's first PhD student!

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