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Since our kick-off in mid-February earlier this year, and after detailed scoping and mobilisation, all four technical subprojects have now gained momentum. The administrative and commercial subproject is also well in hand. For me as the project manager, it is a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and involvement of subproject managers and their teams, as well as the good collaboration efforts both across subprojects and amongst the 13 participating companies. We have also experienced strong involvement and support from Innovation Norway and the Research Council.

Our focus is now on concluding the partial deliveries for 2022, and after that, we’re all looking forward to a well-deserved Christmas vacation!

We hope you enjoy this first issue of our newsletter – and that it gives you a taste of what’s coming next!

Rikard Kinn
LINCCS Project Manager

Innovations in CCS and the development of large-scale, cost-effective offshore CO₂ storage

Trondheim 19.09.2017 : SINTEF Energi. Foto: Thor Nielsen
In this article, Francesco Finotti lays out the latest technological initiatives, projects and companies that are contributing the developing CCS value chain (originally published in New Energy World magazine, published by Energy Institute).

"A key challenge for the future of CCS is to connect risk capital to innovators and opportunities to businesses in a timely manner. Decades of research with CCS have advanced promising technologies to the demonstration stage. Now that CCS is becoming an industrial reality, there is a strong need to bridge the technological “valley of death” that characterizes innovation – in other words, the gap between pilot testing and commercial deployment."

Read the full story on the SINTEF blog

LINCCS participates in Innovation Norway workshop on commercialisation

On 2 November 2022, LINCCS participated in a “Commercialisation in consortia” workshop, organised by Innovation Norway – one of LINCCS’ three main funding partners.

The workshop consisted of both discussion parts and practical workshops, where attendees were encouraged to manifest their goals for the project and practise their pitching skills.

Read the full story on the LINCCS website

First LINCCS management team-building meeting takes place at Wärtsilä

On 24 October, LINCCS project and sub-project leaders and the SP5 team travelled to Wärtsilä‘s facilities in Moss, Norway for a team-building meeting.

One of the main topics discussed was the opportunities to be explored and challenges to be mitigated throughout the project.

Read the full story on the LINCCS website

LINCCS featured in NCCS 2022 webinar series

On 22 September 2022, LINCCS was the second webinar to take place in the Norwegian CCS Research Centre’s (NCCS) 2022 webinar series.

Read the full story on the LINCCS website

LINCCS project members gather in Trondheim for CO2 capture workshop

On 14 September, LINCCS project members gathered in Trondheim for a workshop related to the “Compact, low OPEX offshore CO2 capture” sub-project (SP1). The workshop was preceded by a visit to SINTEF’s CO2 laboratory at Tiller the day before.

Read the full story on the LINCCS website

Full steam ahead! LINCCS partner establishes world-class CCS research centre

Foto: Benjamin A. Ward / Wärtsila
Wärtsilä, one of the LINCCS partners, has established a world-class research centre for maritime carbon capture and storage (CCS) in record time in Moss, Norway. The test facility enables Wärtsilä to mimic a ship installation with engines and various abatement equipment, such as a sulphur oxide (SOx) scrubber, nitrogen oxide (NOx) selective catalytic reducers, and particulate matter filters. Together, this creates a unique setting for developing technological solutions that enable a more sustainable maritime industry.

Read the full story on the LINCCS website

LINCCS at Nor-Shipping 2022

Five representatives from LINCCS partners presented the project at the 2022 Nor-Shipping conference.

Watch the full presentation video on the LINCCS website

LINCCS at Trondheim Tech Port

The theme of the conference this year was “bridging the gap” – which, in this case, refers to the gap between public administrations, start-up companies and policy makers. By connecting these different actors, Trondheim Tech Port aimed to act as an arena for sustainable innovation.

This theme was incredibly relevant to LINCCS, with its main goal of uniting actors on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in order to accelerate CCS deployment.

Read the full story on the LINCCS website

News from NCS C+

NCS C+ is a Knowledge-building Project for Industry associated with LINCCS. It focuses on developing four climate-positive technologies that could be implemented in connection with permanent CO2 storage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Visit the NCS C+ website

NCS C+ holds second technical meeting in Trondheim

On Friday 11 November, NCS C+ project members gathered for their second technical meeting in Trondheim, Norway. Several members of the associated project LINCCS participated both in person and online.

Read the full story on the LINCCS website

NCS C+ kick-off: LINCCS’ associated KSP gets started

On 24 June 2022, LINCCS’ associated project The Norwegian Continental Shelf: A Driver for Climate-Positive Norway (NCS C+) held its kick-off event in Trondheim, Norway.

“This kick-off is a key step in bringing the whole NCS C+ team together in order to better understand the critical combination of the work that will be undertaken to meet the 1.5˚C-target, as well as the importance of supporting the development of four climate-positive solutions considered in NCS C+,” said Simon Roussanaly, research scientist at SINTEF Energy Research and leader of the NCS C+ project.

Read the full story on the LINCCS website
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