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NW partner Equinor presents its 2050 strategy

Equinor presents its energy crisis and climate crisis strategy in a miniseries titled The biggest test. Read more >

No correlation between wind conditions in North and South Norway

There is virtually no statistical co-variation between wind conditions at sea in northern Europe (including southern Norway) and wind conditions in northern Norway (north of Ålesund), according to a fresh study. Read more >

New report: Norway needs 50 % more power by 2030

Norway needs to increase its power production by 50 % before the end of the decade if it is to reach its climate goals and industrial ambitions, according to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Read more >

Strong growth in the Norwegian offshore wind industry

The Norwegian renewables industry experienced turnover growth of almost 12 % in 2021 compared to the previous year, according to two fresh reports. Offshore wind accounts for most of that growth, with a turnover increase of 55 %. Read more >

The future of wind – How innovations in wind power facilitate a sustainable future

NorthWind director John Olav Tande participated in the international symposium on the Future of Wind energy, which took place on 24 and 25 November. Read more >

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