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Our Open Oslo Event is next week! We can't wait to see you soon.

We've now reached our capacity for in-person participation. Those of you who have already registered your attendance should have received an e-mail with practical information about the event.

However, registration is still open for online participation. You can sign up either via our official event page or the sign-up page.

You do not need to have any prior knowledge of or plans for CO2 capture and storage (CCS) to attend. Participation is free of charge.

When: 22 September 2022, 09:00-17:15
Where: the Delegation of the European Union to Norway (Klingenberggaten 7A, 0101 Oslo) and online


What is the status of CCS in the world, and what role will it play in our ability to reach our climate targets?

  • 09:00 Welcome
    Nicolas de La Grandville, EU Ambassador to Norway
  • 09:15 Making CCS a success story – state of play and the road ahead
    Per-Olof Granström, EU Director (Zero Emissions Platform) – online
  • 09:30 The role of sustainable carbon cycles for reaching the European Climate goals
    Fabien Ramos, Policy Officer (European Commission) – online
  • 09:45 The first Longship has just left shore, when can new projects set sail?
    Alexander Engh, Deputy Director General – CCS Section (Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy)
  • 10:05 Panel discussion: Perspectives on CCS as an emerging solution for reaching climate neutrality
    Discussion mediator: Olav Øye, Senior Advisor for Climate and Industry (Bellona)
    Panel: Jannike Bjerkas (Hafslund Oslo Celsio), Conny Johansson (Stora Enso) and Per Brevik (HeidelbergCement)
  • 10:45 Coffee break

Pathways towards climate-neutral cities

  • 11:00 Introduction: A cross-sectoral approach to climate-neutral cities
    Hendrik Frieling, Research Coordinator Morgenstadt Initiative (Fraunhofer IAO)
  • 11:15 Introduction: European city climate plans – Oslo, Gothenburg and Zürich
    Einar Wilhelmsen, Vice Mayor for Finance (City of Oslo)
    René Estermann, Director of Environmental and Health Protection (City of Zürich)
    Tina Mårlind, Project Manager (Port of Gothenburg)
  • 11:45 Panel discussion: Pathways towards climate-neutral cities
    Discussion mediator: Gaute Hagerup, Innovation Norway
    Panel: City representatives from Oslo, Gothenburg and Zürich, with Jannicke Bjerkas (Celsio), Conny Johansson (Stora Enso) and Per Brevik (HeidelbergCement)
  • 12:30 Lunch

Enabling CCS – What will it take?

  • 13:30 ACCSESS – European funding paving the way for climate neutrality
    Kristin Jordal, ACCSESS Coordinator (SINTEF Energy Research)
  • 13:40 Demonstrating an environment-friendly enzymatic CO2 capture technology at Haflsund Oslo Celsio
    Sergio Armenante, Project Engineering Manager (Saipem)
  • 13:55 The cost of climate neutrality – From basic industry to end products
    Filip Johnsson, Professor (Chalmers University of Technology)
  • 14:10 Following the CO2 chains – from capture to storage
    Marco Mazzotti, Professor (ETH Zürich) – online
  • 14:25 Developing a full-scale CO2 capture project
    Fabian Levihn, Head of R&D (Stockholm Exergi)
  • 14:40 Q&A, closing remarks
    Marie Bysveen, Chief Market Developer (SINTEF Energy Research)

Visit to Hafslund Oslo Celsio

  • 15:00 Bus leaves for Hafslund Oslo Celsio’s waste-to-energy and CO2 capture plant
  • 15:30 Tour of the waste-to-energy and CO2 capture plant
  • 17:00 Bus returns to the city centre (Oslo S)
  • 17:30 Estimated arrival at Oslo S

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