LowEmission annual report 2022

In the annual report we share the latest research results from LowEmission. The report also features insightful articles highlighting some of the most interesting breakthroughs from our PhD candidates as well as results from the sub-projects, and much more.
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Decomposed ammonia – a new and powerful alternative for cutting emissions offshore

Offshore oil and gas operations face a pressing need to reduce their carbon footprint. The good news is that low-emission technologies such as hydrogen and ammonia can replace natural gas as fuels for power generation. But there's a catch: using pure ammonia in gas turbines is not yet feasible due to combustion issues.

Enter DECAMMP, a LowEmission spin-off project. By cracking ammonia into a blend of nitrogen, hydrogen, and ammonia, DECAMMP seeks to make it possible to use ammonia as a carbon-free fuel for gas turbines.

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How weather conditions greatly influence emissions from offshore logistics

Did you know that platform supply vessels (PSVs) contribute to approximately 1.5% of Norway's total annual CO2 emissions?

In a new blog post, Andreas Breivik Ormevik, PhD candidate at LowEmission, discusses how weather impact affects PSVs' route planning and the emissions they produce. By thoroughly assessing weather impact and planning routes accordingly, it's possible to reduce emissions from PSV operations by 15-20% and create more robust schedules that perform better in unpredictable operational conditions.

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Looking ahead - a positive momentum for low and zero emission solutions

The Norwegian oil and gas industry must reduce its emissions by 50% in 2030 and further down towards zero in 2050. We had a talk with director for climate and the environment at Offshore Norway, Benedicte Solaas.
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Centre Activities

LowEmission Consortium days will be held 25.-26. October in Trondheim. Save the Date! The event is open for all partners in LowEmission and its associated agencies. Registration will open after the summer.

Presentation of results
Emre Kantar and Cedric Lesaint will be going to the JICable conference in June to present results from their work in LowEmission SP3/SP6. Part of the work has been funded as a case study. The Spin-off project KSP SeaConnect will start in June, and will be led by Emre Kantar.

Industry FOU partner cooperation
Right after Easter 2023, Yan Goncalo Da Silva, a Master student in an apprenticeship scheme at TOTALEnergies, came to SINTEF's HIPROX high pressure combustion facility in Trondheim with a long list of desired measurement points, to complete the on-going SP2 program on the study of decomposed cracked ammonia combustion under high pressure (ie. at gas turbine conditions).

Producing ammonia from hydrogen and burning it for power generation is recognized as a suitable approach to circumvent the technical difficulties of transporting and storing hydrogen. However, the ability of sustaining stable combustion and controlled NOx emissions when ammonia is present in the fuel has revealed to be very challenging, and therefore it has been a focus of the work performed in SP2 of the LowEmission Centre. As a user, TOTALEnergies and the O&G stakeholders need to understand the limitations of the concept and its level of challenge in order to implement this alternative technology in the plans for decarbonization of their assets. The experimental results collected will also be used as validation data for a simulation study by CFD for a TOTALEnergies funded PhD. This stay further strengthens the collaboration and engagement of the industrial partner in the program and ensures that the Centre answers the relevant questions for the deployment of low carbon solutions in the offshore sector.

Contact: mario.ditaranto@sintef.no
TOTALEnergies internship Yan Goncalo Da Silva and Research Scientist Inge Saanum performing experiments at SINTEF's High Pressure Combustion HIPROX facility. (Photo M. Ditaranto)
TOTALEnergies internship Yan Goncalo Da Silva and Research Scientist Inge Saanum performing experiments at SINTEF's High Pressure Combustion HIPROX facility. (Photo Mario Ditaranto)


Centre Director: Stefania Gardarsdottir

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