Summer 2021

Welcome to IMPACT!
Innovative Methods for Wave Energy Pathways Acceleration through Novel Criteria and Test Rigs (IMPACT) is a new three-year collaborative research and innovation project that will develop and demonstrate a next generation testing approach for Wave Energy Converters (WECs).

IMPACT Project Launched

The project team will design and manufacture two novel test rigs covering up to 75% of WEC subsystems affecting the device LCOE. The innovative 250kW Dual Hardware-in-the-Loop testing platform, novel test criteria and metrics will reduce the test time by 50% while increasing the WEC reliability.
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Project Website Launched

The new project website is live at and is the first step in sharing the project with the wider world.

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IMPACT Technical Advisory Board

To take into account stakeholder needs and to have the broadest spectrum of knowledge available for the project, IMPACT has formed a Technical Advisory Board (TAB) that will be involved to provide advice on strategic direction.

The present TAB members are:
  • Alexandre Pichard, CTO, Carnegie Clean Energy
  • Andrea Gulisano, CEO, Wave For Energy
  • Marcus Oliver Gay, VP Research, Resolute Marine Energy
  • Samuel Etherington, Founder and Director, Aqua Power Technologies
  • Claudio Bittencourt Ferreira, BD Director, DNV
You can find out more about the role of the TAB here.

Paper Presentation in Plymouth

VGA's Federico Gallorini (IMPACT Project Coordinator) and Giacomo Alessandri (Exploitation and Innovation Manager) will join the 14th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference EWTEC 2021 in Plymouth, UK, on September 5-9.

They will present the paper, "An innovative Hardware-In-the-Loop rig for linear Power-Take-Off testing" will be presented. It describes the design, manufacturing and commissioning of the test rig developed under the Horizon 2020 IMAGINE project. The rig will be updated and used in the IMPACT project for testing both linear and rotary Power Take-Offs.

IMPACT in the Press

European media covering renewable energy have shown a strong interest in the IMPACT project to date. The project launch press release was distributed in several languages and mentioned in publications including Offshore-Energy.Biz, ReNews, and
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IMPACT Website

IMPACT Contacts:

IMPACT Coordinator - Federico Gallorini
Dissemination & Communication Manager - Hans Christian Bolstad