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NAINE webinar
15th of June 13:00-14:00
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With the final drafts of Horizon Europe just around the corner, NAINE is organising an open webinar for anyone interested in the latest news about the opportunities for AI projects in Horizon Europe and updates on the European Partnership on Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics.
Programbilde Muligheter for norske AI-miljøer i EU - webinar
The European Partnership on AI, Data and Robotics in Horizon Europe
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and Robotics will create new opportunities, transform many if not all verticals and ultimately shift the balance of power in the shortest possible time. In order to strengthen the strategic investment in both innovation and deployment of these key technologies, the European Commission has in collaboration with key stakeholders from industry and academia developed a contractual partnership in Horizon Europe to be implemented in Cluster 4 (Digital, Industry and Space). Call topics related to the partnership can already be found in the current work programme draft and are based on the Strategic Research, Innovation and Deployment Agenda for the partnership. The partnership will be signed by the EC and a new association ADRA, set up specifically by ELLIS, CLAIRE and EurAI; the Big Data Value Association and euRobotics, representing the three respective technology communities. The founding board of ADRA is now further recruiting member organisations to get involved in the partnership, and the first ordinary General Assembly is scheduled in 2022. An introduction to the partnership topics in the 2021/22 Cluster 4 Work Programme will be presented at the upcoming on June 15.
Feedback on proposed regulation
On 21 April 2021, the European Commission proposed new rules and actions aiming to turn Europe into the global hub for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to the commission, the combination of the first-ever legal framework on AI and a new Coordinated Plan with Member States is supposed to guarantee the safety and fundamental rights of people and businesses, while strengthening the uptake of, investment into and innovation in AI across the EU and associated countries. CLAIRE has initiated a survey for the AI Community at large to provide their feedback and their opinion concerning the proposed plans and regulations. Alex Moltzau (CLAIRE Oslo) has written a nice blog post for those who would like to learn about the possible implications of the suggested rules.
European Reseach and Innovation Days, 23 and 24th of June
Choose from all the live sessions available, ranging from high-level plenaries to immersive panel discussions on topics such as the post-COVID-19 recovery, the European Research Area, digitalisation, our green future and more. Check out the agenda and sign un here.


June 14-18, Trondheim/Virtual: Probabilistic AI School
An intermediate to advanced level “summer” school with a focus on probabilistic machine learning. We cover topics such as probabilistic models, deep generative models, latent variable models, inference with sampling and variational approximations, probabilistic programming and tools, and much more.
October 11-13, Agder: International Conference on Intelligent Technologies and Applications (INTAP'21)
INTAP'21 will address recent advancements in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence that has resulted in a number of emerging fields of research such as Robotics, Ambient Intelligence, Pervasive Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Bio-Inspired Intelligence, and many more.
October 27-28, Oslo: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conference 2021
During the last years we have seen the hype around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In this conference we will take it one step further showing how the industry has implemented the theory into technical solutions with emphasis on use cases and business value.
The main purpose of the NAINE network is to contribute to increased number of EU proposals within AI involving Norwegian institutions. NAINE is open for everyone in Norway interested in AI and national and European collaboration.
NAINE spans across academia and industry, research and application. In line with the European Commission, we use the expression AI in the broadest context covering machine learning, deep learning, hybrid analytics, learning based control systems, optimisation etc. At the moment, EU does not have an overarching programme for "everything AI". Instead, AI is covered by multiple initiatives in and alongside the EU framework, both in the running H2020, Horizon Europe, and the coming Digital Europe Programme for 2021. NAINE is monitoring selected calls and activities, forwarding information and coordinating hearings for calls together with the Research Council of Norway. In addition, we will organize two workshops yearly with information about relevant activities and calls as well as networking opportunities.

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The core group in NAINE is:

Anne Marthine Rustad – SINTEF Digital
Signe Riemer-Sørensen – SINTEF Digital
Anders Løland – Norsk Regnesentral
Søren Kragholm – Universitetet i Agder
Jim Tørresen – Universitetet i Oslo
Heri Ramampiaro - NTNU
Ieva Martinkenaite - Telenor
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