Market consultation Bench testing for WEC technologies

Hello from the IMPACT project!

During our project meeting in June, we kicked-off our Integration of Novel Test Rigs & Methodologies work package (WP7), wherein we will develop new test bench infrastructure to support the development of wave energy converter (WEC) technologies. This includes the design and manufacture of the drivetrain and structural components test rigs, which will be integrated to form a dual hardware-in-the-loop (DHIL) testing platform.

To do this, we’d be grateful if you could fill out our 10-minute survey on the tests that users are most interest in performing on the rigs.

Feel free to forward this on to any other relevant wave energy developers/stakeholders.
Thank you very much and stay tuned for more updates from the IMPACT project!

Kind regards,
Hans Christian Bolstad
Dissemination & Communication Manager

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