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Webinar: From idea to development/research to innovation and commercialisation

Join our next webinar on August 16. Presentations by the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, SINTEF TTO, Impello and Enova. Read more >

NorthWind partner will develop barge concept

The Research Council of Norway awarded a new Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector (IPN) to NorthWind partner GFMS. The project will develop the WindBarge concept, which is a floating structure for offshore wind turbines that can work at water depths of as little as 30 metres. Read more >

NINA gets two projects about the impacts of wind energy on wildlife

NorthWind research partner NINA is awarded funding for two new projects that will investigate the impacts on migratory birds and marine life of large-scale development of wind energy along the coast and offshore. Read more >

Lighthouse initiatives on offshore wind explained in 3 minutes

Ever wondered what the lighthouse initiatives on offshore wind are all about? We just need 3 minutes of your time to explain it to you. Read more >

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