Newsletter #4, 2022

Dear friends, partners of FME HighEFF!
I would like to use this opportunity to wish you all a nice summer and relaxing holiday period with some news and updates from HighEFF.

The HighEFF management team is preparing for the next FME call to come. An indicative timeline has been presented by the Research Council of Norway:
  • Call published in January 2023
  • Mandatory sketch/outline
  • Deadline main application November 2023
  • Decision / Grant Summer 2024
  • Project start January 2025
We have had internal workshops and initial dialogue with some of the user partners on the contents and objectives for a possible continuation of HighEFF. We plan for more detailed discussions with all partners throughout 2022 and particularly at the Cross Sector Workshop in October.

During the recent weeks HighEFF has contributed to workshops related to the European energy crisis, an initiative from FME NTRANS and NTVA together with several of the other FMEs. This is a series of workshops (7 in total) focusing on various aspects related to the current situation in Europe. HighEFF contributed in workshop 3 "Energy production and use in Norway" and workshop 5 "Energy efficiency in buildings and industry" (where also HighEFF partners Rema1000 and ERAMET presented their perspectives). More information about these workshops including streams can be found on the NTVA webpage .
NTNU and SINTEF organised GL2022, the 15th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants. This scientific conference hosted over 350 participants from 30 countries around the world, who attended around 170 scientific presentations. The conference is particularly relevant for the research performed at HighEFF. A total of approximately 50 presentations of publications were from people involved in the centre.

SINTEF Chief Scientist and Chair of the GL2022 Scientific Committee, Petter Nekså, held a presentation about the life and works of Gustav Lorentzen, who was a pioneer in the field of natural refrigerants.


The conference was also an occasion for some technical visits. Here, SINTEF Research Scientist Krzysztof Banasiak shows the refrigeration and heating system of the Rema 1000 shop on Prinsensgate, in Trondheim. The system uses CO₂ as a refrigerant.


The conference attracted 350 participants from around the world – over 130 of these were from industry. The next conference will be held in Maryland the United States, in 2024.

Arendalsuka 2022

Hvit PNG
The annual Norwegian political event "Arendalsuka" takes place 15 – 19 August this year and HighEFF will be present there. The full program is under development but I will be participating in a panel Monday 15 August arranged by Norwegian Energy Solutions entitled "How can energy clusters contribute towards a faster energy transition".

Thursday 18 August SINTEF will also host a network event for our partners where we in HighEFF also can invite our partners, please contact me if you will be in Arendal these days and I can arrange for an invitation to this network event.

Kind regards,
Petter Røkke
HighEFF centre director

Annual Consortium Meeting roundup

The climate crisis, combined with the European energy crisis, make investments and research in energy efficiency more important than ever.

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Official opening of HighEFFLab. Picture taken from above, showing banner, people people eating cake and lab equipment.

Defence of thesis 25. May: Brede Andre Larsen Hagen
Brede Andre Larsen Hagen has submitted the following academic thesis as a part of the doctoral work at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Energy and Process Engineering:

«Gradient-based design optimization and off-design performance prediction of Rankine cycles and Radial Inflow Turbines»

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Kind regards
Petter E. Røkke, FME HighEFF Center Director

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