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ACT LOUISE aims to reduce the cost of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture from solid waste-derived fuels by separating the CO2 using Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC). The CO2 can then either be stored – which reduces CO2 emissions – or used in other processes – for example, to produce power or heat.

“Within the worldwide efforts to mitigate climate change, the LOUISE project will target CO2 emissions from waste incineration,” said Jochen Ströhle, the project administrator. “We hope that our research will pave the way for future broad applications of zero-emission waste treatment.”

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1 October 2021 was the official kick-off of the “Low-cost CO2 capture by chemical looping combustion of waste-derived fuels” (LOUISE) project. The project is mainly funded through the Accelerating CCS Technologies (ACT) initiative, and will run until 31 September 2024.
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ACT LOUISE Website Launched

The new website for ACT LOUISE was launched on 14 January 2022.It will act as the project’s central hub for all external communication, and will both provide information about ACT LOUISE and its partners, and disseminate related research results and progress.
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SINTEF Visits Pilot Plant at
Technische Universität Darmstadt

On 29 March, research scientists from SINTEF Energy Research were given a tour of TU Darmstadt’s 1 MWth pilot plant. The pilot plant will be used to demonstrate the CLC of solid waste-derived fuels in a realistic environment.

“For me as a former SINTEF employee, it was a particular pleasure to guide our guests from Norway through our 1 MWth pilot plant, which is a worldwide unique research infrastructure for pilot testing of fluidized bed-based CO2 capture and gasification technologies,” said Jochen Ströhle, senior researcher at TU Darmstadt and ACT LOUISE project administrator.
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First ACT LOUISE General Assembly Meeting
Held in Darmstadt

On 30 March, ACT LOUISE had its first general assembly meeting. While most participants joined online, some were able to travel to Germany to attend in person. This marks LOUISE’s first hybrid event following its kick-off in October 2021.

“In the future, I think that more project meetings will be arranged online, but we should still have some project meetings where we can all meet in person. We get to know each other better and learn more about the different countries involved, which can ease our project cooperation. And climate change mitigation will for sure need close international cooperation,” said Øyvind Langørgen from SINTEF Energy Research.
Read the full story on the ACT LOUISE website
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ACT-LOUISE Contacts:

Project administrator: Jochen Ströhle, TU Darmstadt