IMPACT Newsletter - February 2022

Hello from the IMPACT project!
While we are still at the beginning of 2022, the IMPACT project is approaching the end of its first year. Among other things, this means that both the Grid Integration and Electrical Compliance work package and the first task of the New Testing Methodologies work package are nearing completion. You can find out more about this work in this newsletter.

We have achieved a lot in our first year, but there is so much more to come. We are particularly excited to be planning our next project meeting, which we hope will be able to take place in Trondheim in June this year. Remember to follow us on LinkedIn and check our website to stay up to date on the latest news and developments from the IMPACT project.

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IMPACT Gears up to Enter Its Second Year

On 12 January, the IMPACT project successfully held its third project meeting and first meeting of 2022 over Teams. The main focus of the meeting was on providing and receiving updates on each of the tasks within the eight work packages (WPs).

“As we are close to concluding the first task in the New Testing Methodologies and Metrics work package, the meeting allowed the partners to have a clear view of the work that has been done in the tasks’ upstream and how they converge in this work package,” says the Work Package Lead, José Miguel Rodrigues of SINTEF Ocean.

Read the full story on the IMPACT website

Introducing the Partners: VGA

In a new series of blog posts, each of IMPACT’s five European partners tell us more about who they are, how they got involved in IMPACT, their role in the project, and what excites them about this work.

You can read VGA’s response on the IMPACT website

IMPACT’s Third Work Package Submits Final Report

Today, the final report will be submitted for IMPACT’s “Grid Integration & Electrical Compliance” work package (WP3). This work package has been led by SINTEF Energy Research, with support from VGA and Yavin Four Consultants.

“For me, this was an enriching experience, where we were working in an interdisciplinary team with diverse background and expertise,” says SINTEF Energy’s Paula Garcia Rosa.

Read the full story on the IMPACT website
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