# 8 2021

Dear HighEFF Friends

We are approaching the end of 2021 and we are in the phase on concluding on deliverables, reports and R&D for this year within HighEFF.

2021 has been another challenging year with respect to the COVID pandemic still affecting our way of working together, arranging workshops and maintaining the dialogue with all partners and colleagues within the HighEFF consortium. However, we have still managed to keep the momentum up, experimental activities have been given priority for presence at campus and all of us seem to become more used to Teams meetings – where we still can meet with user partners setting high expectations to our research and studies. In October we arranged a hybrid meeting with approximately 50/50 participation physically/online. The first day was a PhD seminar where the students presented their work in a fantastic way. During 2021 five of the PhD candidates completed and defended their thesis, and more will come in 2022. In addition, one Post.doc finished in 2021, and two of our “associated” PhDs also defended their thesis successfully. The total number of HighEFF publications in 2021 was 48.

In March this year the midterm evaluation of HighEFF was carried out, with successful outcome, securing funding for the remaining period of HighEFF (until 2024). This is an acknowledgment to all participants in HighEFF!

In the Executive Board meeting of HighEFF 10th December the plans for 2022 were approved, and one minor detail you will hear more about early 2022 is that the "Novel Emerging Concepts" call will be slightly modified to include concepts being more directed towards target achievement in HighEFF; "Novel Emerging and Innovative Concepts". More information about the calls and the modified mandate will be distributed in a newsletter coming soon…

Last week we also published a blog from HighEFF (so far only available in Norwegian) focusing on the aspect that "Industrial neighbours can share excess energy". See link below and feel free to share this to colleagues.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in 2022!

Kind regards
Petter E. Røkke
FME HighEFF Center Director

Industrinaboer kan dele overskuddsenergi

Med mange initiativ for ny, kraftkrevende industri som datasentre og batterifabrikker, må vi bygge ut strømnettet raskt og effektivt. Det kan gi kraftleverandørene en mulighet til å stille nye krav til industrien om hvordan de forvalter sin energibruk. Read more
Servere i et datasenter

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Kind regards
Petter E. Røkke, FME HighEFF Center Director

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