IMPACT Newsletter - Christmas 2021

Festive greetings from the IMPACT project! As the year draws to a close, we look at the latest news from the IMPACT project.

Work is well underway on this important EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation project. In this newsletter, we present two blog posts from project partners, a new member on the Technical Advisory Board, and learning from a recent EERA workshops.

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VGA Joins EERA Energy Storage Workshop

Titled ‘EU Clean Energy Transition: Perspectives and Challenges for Energy Storage,’ the workshop was jointly organised by StoRIES, Joint Programme for Energy Storage (EERA) and SUPEERA project.

“We shared our experience in storage systems and we have also identified some synergies between this topic and the IMPACT project,” says VGA’s Giacomo Alessandri.
Read the full story on the IMPACT website.

ENI joins Technical Advisory Board

ENI collaborates with Wave for Energy to industrialize the ISWEC technology as part of their decarbonisation plan for offshore oil & gas platforms and to become a world-wide leader in the marine renewable energy sector. ENI installed the ISWEC 1:2-scale prototype in the Adriatic Sea in 2019, a device that is still in operation.

Read about the Technical Advisory Board on the IMPACT website.

Wave Energy Converter Design: It’s Not Easy!

A blog post by Joao Cruz of Yavin Four Consultants, a partner in the IMPACT project.
‘Modern’ Wave Energy Converters (WECs) have been designed since the 1970s, using a mix of theoretical, numerical and experimental modelling approaches. Each approach, as the word ‘modelling’ suggests, aims to emulate the dominant characteristics of a ‘real’, full-scale WEC.

However, and owing to the very essence of modelling, each approach also carries its own hypothesis and limitations – leading to modelling uncertainty.
Read the full post here.

Why Are Grid Codes Important
for Wave Energy Converters?

A blog post by Ole Christian Spro of SINTEF Energy Research, a partner in the IMPACT project.
Before new equipment, loads or generators are allowed to connect to an electrical grid, the grid operators of high, medium and low voltage grids will present a set of requirements that must be met.

This is to ensure that the grid can continue to operate in a stable and safe manner, which our society has become so dependent on. In addition to being stable, the operation of the grid should not be disturbed by new users in such a way that the service to existing customers is seriously affected.
Read the full post here.
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