# 3 December 2018

Dear HighEFF Friends

We are approaching the end of 2018 and we are in the phase on concluding on deliverables, reports and R&D for 2018 within FME HighEFF. Since the workshop in October we have also finalized the plans for 2019, as well as concluded on a revised Overall Working Plan for the centre. These documents will be made available for you all on our eRoom.

We are glad to see the involvement from all partners in the preparations for 2019, you have surely influenced the contents of the work being planned.

Below are some recent news from the centre, including R&D results that are publicly available as well as some comments from the cross-sector workshop we had 24th and 25th October.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you again in 2019!

Kind regards
Petter E. Røkke
FME HighEFF Center Director

Matchmaking for industry sectors for waste heat utilization

Matchmaking for industry sectors for waste heat utilization
One of the goals of HighEFF is to provide recommendations that can help newly-started industries to locate in industrial parks. Every industrial process produces energy which is not used in the process, in the form of … Read more

HighEFF Cross-sector Workshop 2018

24th and 25th October we hosted one of the two annual workshops for the FME HighEFF consortium. Over 100 participants from industry, R&D and academia were present to discuss results and plans for FME HighEFF. In this blog we have included 5 videointervjues. Listen to Petter Røkke, Lene Mostue, Monica Nikolaisen, Ulrik Bindingsbø and Gunn Iren Muller. …
Read more

Phase-out of fossil fuels: SINTEF develops a novel high temperature heat pump

In the face of the most recent and drastic climate report of the UN, the reduction of our fossil fuel consumption is a "must" in order to limit the impact of global warming. However, many industrial processes require fossil fuel in order to … Read more

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