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European Partnership on Data, AI and Robotics - Norwegian position paper

NAINE is collecting input for a Norwegian position paper as contribution to the ongoing process of defining a strategic research, innovation and development agenda for a European partnership on data, AI, and robotics which is currently being led by BDVA, euRobotics, EurAI, Ellis and CLAIRE.

The position paper will be aligned with Norway's national AI strategy, but in order to reflect the interests of the Norwegian stakeholders, we would very much appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to respond to our questionnaire by Monday June 29th:

In some cases, we would like to get back to you for some further questions. If you are interested in providing further input please leave your email in the final box of the survey. If you don't we will not contact you. Thanks in advance!

The draft position paper will be published on the NAINE web pages: https://www.sintef.no/projectweb/naine/

Thank you for your contribution, and our best wishes the summer holidays!

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The core group in NAINE is:

Anne Marthine Rustad – SINTEF Digital
Signe Riemer-Sørensen – SINTEF Digital
Anders Løland – Norsk Regnesentral
Søren Kragholm – Universitetet i Agder
Jim Tørresen – Universitetet i Oslo
Heri Ramampiaro - NTNU
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