An important part of our mission "technology for a better society" is to communicate our work to a broad audience outside of the scientific bubble. With this firmly in mind, we have published two extensive stories focused on the realities of climate change and how hotels can use CO2 to cut both their electricity bill and greenhouse gas emissions (How is that possible you might ask?), both thoroughly backed up by scientific research.

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Fact-Checking: Why climate sceptics are wrong

Tired of people claiming that the climate crisis isn’t real? You’re not the only one. In this blog post we fact-check ten claims made by climate sceptics, with responses based on scientific evidence.
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Climate change concept in a city

How Hotels Can Slash Their Energy Bills

In a year when hotel revenue from guests and conferences will be substantially lower than planned, seeking out cost savings suddenly becomes more important than ever. An investment in the latest energy-efficient technology that combines heating and cooling into one system can reduce a hotel's total electricity usage by 44%. … Read more
Hotel room energy controls

First announcement:
The 11th Trondheim CCS Conference

The Trondheim CCS Conference is a world leading scientific CCS technology conference, gathering CCS-experts from all over the globe.

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TCCS 11 logo på blå bakgrunn

Offshore Wind:
Ambitious Industry Plans to Meet Energy Needs

It is great to see the ambitious plans for offshore wind announced on World Oceans Day by the Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition (OREAC). This is a group to be taken seriously, led by offshore wind energy majors Ørsted and Equinor. The plan to install 1,400 GW of offshore wind by 2050 is ambitious, but absolutely doable, and … Read more
Offshore wind turbines in the ocean

FastTrans: Reducing the Impact of
Repetitive Voltage Pulses on HV Components

In the smart and flexible modern power grid, power electronics are essential components for enabling effective switching and seamless control of the power flow between the different suppliers and consumers of electric energy. However, in the on-going race to develop high-frequency components with … Read more
High voltage electric discharge

Work and Heat Exchange Networks:
Simultaneous Process Optimisation and Heat Integration

Industrial processes consume energy when converting raw materials to products. Reducing energy consumption is important to reduce the environmental footprint of the industrial process while improving the profitability. … Read more
Heat recovery steam generators at power plant

MegaRoller Holds Successful General Assembly Online

The ongoing coronavirus situation has unfortunately caused delays to component deliveries and hindered in-person inspections and other working situations for the MegaRoller project. However, it didn't hinder the general assembly, which was successfully held online last week. ...

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Participants in the online MegaRoller General Assembly

The first announcement of EERA DeepWind'2021

18th Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference Trondheim, Norway, 13 – 15 January 2021

More information and registration (will open in August) at the conference website. Read more
The first announcement of EERA DeepWind'2021
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