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As the ACT ELEGANCY project enters its final phase, our focus now turns to sharing the research findings with as many people as possible in the target groups.

Following a successful meeting inside the EU Parliament building at which senior politicians and their staff were able to hear the findings and ask questions, we are launching a webinar series for anyone interested in the future low-carbon economy via hydrogen and CCS.

We want to end ACT ELEGANCY on a high, so please encourage your colleagues and anyone else who may find these topics interesting to attend the webinars. You can find full details below.

ELEGANCY Webinar Series on CCS and Hydrogen

The webinar series kicks off on 18 June with a presentation of key findings and recommendations, including high-level participation from the European Commission and Forschungzentrum Jülich.
Find out more and register here
Free ELEGANCY webinars

Taking the Hydrogen & CCS Debate to the Heart of Europe

More than 50 energy researchers, European policymakers, MEPs and their staff, press and other interested parties gathered in the EU Parliament last month to hear the very latest news on Hydrogen with CCS.
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Elegancy project presentation in the EU Parliament in Brussels

See you on the webinars!

Svend Tollak Munkejord
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