The Safety of CO2 Storage

Over its years of development, CCS has faced questions about its technical feasibility and safety. This blog post draws on scientific research to address the key issues of safety and risk of a full-scale CCS implementation in Norway. … Read more
Europe seen from space

The Impact of NCCS Research & Innovations

Maximising impact from research is an important task for the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS).

As such, the potential impact should be monitored …
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The impact of research innovations in CCS

Equations of State for CCS: Can We Trust Them?

Big money to be saved by using accurate property models in CCS In order to fulfill the objectives of the Paris Agreement, relevant international bodies predict that massive amounts of CO2 have to be captured and permanently stored or utilized (CCUS) . Finding the best solutions in terms of costs and safety is key …Read more
Equations of state for CCS

Sign up for NCCS webinars (for partners, only)

An element in our out-reach strategy, is to offer webinars to NCCS partners. In times with limited possibilities to travel and meet physically, this is a cost- and time-effective way of staying abreast of recent developments within the Centre.

Most webinars are for partners exclusively and by invitation only. Owing to the GRDP, we cannot send invitations to individuals who have not explicitly asked to be on the invitation list. Consequently, only individuals who have asked to receive invitations will receive them.

NCCS Event-site gives an overview on both previous and upcoming webinars.

There is plenty of room on our list, so if you would like to receive invitations to webinars, please send an e-mail to Rune Aarlien ( and ask to be included on the invitation list. All invitations are sent as blind copies. Of course, you can at any time ask to have your name removed from the list.

Feel free to share this copy with a colleague or friend. Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter, go to the Subscribe-site.

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Amy Brunsvold, NCCS Centre Manager
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