As with much of the world, the vast majority of our employees have been working from home for the last few weeks. But the need to develop technology for a better society doesn't stop, so neither does our research, as you'll see from the stories below.

We have also produced annual reports for our major research centres NCCS, HighEFF, CINELDI and LowEmission.

Please enjoy this selection of recent stories from across the world of SINTEF Energy Research:

Causes of Information Inconsistencies in Smart Distribution Grids

The ongoing digitalization of the power distribution grid will improve the operational support and automation which is believed to increase the system reliability. However, in an integrated and interdependent cyber-physical system, new threats appear which must be understood and dealt with. … Read more
Renewable energy smart grid inconsistencies

“All-in-one” Thermal Solutions for Heating and Cooling in Hotels

The first “all-in-one” CO2 heat pump was installed in a Norwegian hotel in 2018. A 63% reduction in the use of electricity for heating and cooling was achieved in its first two years of operation. For an average hotel, this represents a 44% reduction in total electricity usage. The potential … Read more
Hotel heating and cooling

The Liability Regime for CO2 Shipping

A look at some of the legal challenges with the liability framework for the shipping phase of CCS: A critical study of the liability regime for CO2 leakage during cross-border CO2-shipping activities in the North Sea. .. Read more
CO2 Shipping concept

Taking the Hydrogen & CCS Debate to the Heart of Europe

More than 50 energy researchers, European policymakers, MEPs and their staff, press and other interested parties gathered in the EU Parliament to hear the very latest news on Hydrogen with CCS (CO2 capture, transport and storage) as a key element in Europe's energy transition. … Read more
Elegancy project presentation in the EU Parliament in Brussels

Learning from Hydrothermal Scheduling Models in Brazil and Norway

The contrasts between the hydropower systems and their surrounding environment in Brazil and Norway are pronounced. Brazil has the rainforest and long rivers whereas Norway has high mountains with snow. The power markets are also fundamentally different, from a high degree of centralised planning in Brazil to local planning in the liberalised Nordic market. Despite such differences, … Read more
The Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the border of Brazil and Paraguay

Thermal batteries with biowax: The future of heat storage for buildings

Thermal energy batteries to store excess heat are nothing new. Hot water bottles have been a common sight in homes for decades, while our distant ancestors quickly learned the benefits of placing rocks in fires. But on an industrial scale, thermal batteries are often inefficient, expensive, or bad for the environment. All that may be about to change. This month, … Read more
New ZEB laboratory in Trondheim, Norway
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