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Making Norwegian industry the world’s greenest - HighEFF’s Past, Present and Future

Arne Ulrik Bindingsbø, Chair HighEFF Excecutive Board, Petter Røkke, Director HighEFF
“Energy efficiency is the one research action that contributes to all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It reduces emissions, increases efficiency and provides surplus energy for other uses. The product that comes out of the processes will be produced for less input. So, more value for less input”, says Petter Røkke, HighEFF Centre Director.

Read the full story, where the Centre Director and Chair discuss HighEFF's impact on industry, research up until now and expectations for the future.

HighEFF's contribution to sustainability

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Energy efficiency might contribute to all 17 SDGs in one way or another. Still, no one organisation, research centre or person can hope to significantly impact everything. We have chosen to focus on four SDGs where we hope to achieve significant impact through our research.

Learn more on how we work with specific Sustainable Development Goals in the annual report.

Innovation: Steam-producing heat pump

Potential savings compared to electric boiler
We conducted a case study targeting surplus heat upgrading for steam production in a nickel refinery plant. The objective was to perform an initial evaluation of several heat pumps concepts, with focus on energy efficiency, to form a basis for further work and discussions with vendors.

Learn more about this and other innovations in the annual report.
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