The CINELDI 2019 Annual Report is finally here, packed with exiting stories and results from our research. Read about new innovations and research results, how CINELDI has already provided important insights and value to the industry, and much more.

Find a few sneak peeks on what you'll find in the report below.

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Innovation: EV Power share charging system

Developed within CINELDI, the EV Power Share ­Charging System (Power Share) is a new product from NTE and ENOCO AS.

Learn more about Power Share and how it's already in use in the annual report.

Testing a battery that feeds the grid

“In collaboration with the CINELDI research centre, we are currently conducting tests to see if batteries can be used to support low-voltage grids. It is useful to be able to get input and feedback from and share our experience with researchers and other grid companies”, says Aina R. D. Serigstad, who is a Project Manager at Lyse Elnett.

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Heading for the future electricity distribution grid, one scenario at a time

The future is hard to predict. But we know that things will change. Especially when it comes to technology.

Whether it's new ways of charging our vehicles, powering our appliances or radical innovations that have yet to be seen, we can be certain of one thing; the electricity distribution grid will have to adapt. Varying power loads, uncertainties and an ever-increasing amount of connections to the grid will all contribute in making change a necessity.

Is it challenging? Yes. But, with challenge comes opportunity, and with opportunity comes innovation.

Read the full story with Centre Director Gerd Kjølle and Chair Sigurd Kvistad in the CINELDI Annual Report 2019.

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