#1 2021

Summer scientist positions

SINTEF Energy have started planning this year's summer scientist project, and the job descriptions are already online. This year, we have 24 projects for the summer scientists. For some of the projects, we need 2 students, which means that we will hire up to 30 students in the summer of 2021.

Summer scientist positions with HighEFF related topics:
TE-01 Ejektor for verden
TE-02 Modellering av varmedreven kuldeproduksjon for cruiseskip
TE-03 Termisk energilagring med PCM
TE-05 Produksjon av fremtidens råolje fra biologiske materialer

The summer scientists will be working with us on current research projects, getting a taste of what life as a SINTEF scientist is like and seeing first hand the breadth of the exciting research that goes on at SINTEF! Deadline for applications is March 1st. We look forward to meeting many new students this summer!

Knowledge of Norwegian and English (spoken and written) is required.

See all the summer scientist positions.

PhD Trial Lecture and Public Defence

Mandar Nitin Thombre has submitted the following academic thesis as part of the doctoral work at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU):

Novel Approaches in Robust Multistage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control

Public trial lecture: Dynamic modeling of COVID-19 spread -19 February 12:30
Public defence of the thesis: 19 February at 14:15
Mandar Thombre
You will find link to the Zoom meetings for both the trial lecture and defence of the thesis on the Doctoral defences page at NTNU.

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