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Petter E. Røkke
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Call for Novel Emerging Concepts 2021

FME HighEFF Centre has allocated 1.5 MNOK/year for funding Novel Emerging Concepts related to the HighEFF research and innovation objectives within emerging, energy efficient and cross-sectorial technologies for the participating industrial sectors (Metal and Materials; Oil, Gas and Energy; Foodstuffs and Chemistry; Industrial Clusters).

Novel Emerging Concepts, not covered by on-going activities in the HighEFF, may apply for funding. Project funding to verify or realise the novel concept is normally in the range of 1 MNOK with a project period of up to 1 year. The research must be performed by one or more of the research partners in HighEFF. Industry partners may contribute with in-kind contributions.

The applications should be maximum 2 pages and include:
  • A concise description of the Novel Emerging Concept
  • Outline of the Research Approach
  • A few References to the State of the Art (attached to the application)
  • Plan (e.g. Gannt chart) and Budget
  • Market Potential (companies and/or industrial sector)
There is no deadline for submitting applications, however, submitted applications will normally only be evaluated after each specific call. For more information on the evaluation criteria, see HighEFF eRoom.

Be aware that applications with significant investments in equipment and permanent infrastructure will normally be rejected as it is expected that these investments should be covered outside the NEC financing.

Proposals received within January 10, 2021, will be evaluated with expected start-up in March.

Applications are to be sent by email to one of these:

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Editorial: Ingrid Camilla Claussen
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